Amber Glen Scotch Whisky Cocktails

Amber Glen Scotch Whisky Cocktails

Whisky cocktail recipes go way back when, to the time newly arrived cargos of oranges & pineapples first landed at the Glasgow docks and the locals would mix these exotic fruits, with their Scotch Whisky. 

Whisky cocktails also have their roots from the days of the Gentlemen’s, Officers, Sports & Country Clubs and roaring twenties Jazz Clubs

Amber Glen Blended Scotch Whisky cocktails are beautifully & expertly crafted to feast the eyes, senses and palate.

Here are a few of our favourite Amber Glen Scotch Whisky Cocktails:

Fruit Punch

Sweet & Fruity Party Favourite
Punch comes from the Indian word “panch”, which means five. Five different ingredients go into your punch. Part one is bitter, part two is sweet, part three is sour, part four is strong, part five is weak.

Whisky Sour

Sharp & Flavourful

One of the simplest, and oldest, of mixed drinks, the sour brings out the personality in your Scotch Whisky, lending it delicious citrus, subtle sweet flavours.

Hot Toddy

Cold Weather Favourite
A warming blend of spices and great whisky.

Rob Roy

Sweet & Dry

Created in 1894 by a bartender at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, the Rob Roy is a mix of Scotch Whisky and vermouth that delivers a burst of sweet, earthy and spicy flavours.

Mint Julep

Refreshing sip of summer

Mint Julep was first created in the 18th century, and is synonymous with the Kentucky Derby, a major horse race held annually on the first Saturday in May. It has become traditional to toast the winner with a Mint Julep.


The original whisky cocktail
The Manhattan is also known as the Turf Club and the Jockey Club cocktail. In terms of whisky cocktails it sits on a pedestal on its own.

Old Fashioned

A Classic

Possibly the world’s oldest cocktail, the Old-Fashioned is a deceptively simple blend of whisky, sugar and bitters, and a must for any lover of dark spirits seeking perfection in a glass.

Whisky Collins

Great With Friends
Created at the beginning of the 19th century, by John Collins, a head waiter at Limmer’s Hotel in London’s, Conduit Street. This is a perfect cocktail to sip by the pool, on a terrace, or in fact anywhere that you happen to be.

The Golden Lady

Created for Amber Glen

The Amber Glen Golden LAdy Scotch Whisky cocktail was created by Dylan Thomas sommelier and barman at Pall Mall Fine Wines for the Launch of Amber Glen Scotch Whisky. Its inspiration comes from the evocative natural, wild landscape of the Highlands, where the fresh air and icy cool mountain stream waters liven up the senses.


Boilermakers Craft Beer Cocktails

Amber Glen Blended Scotch Whisky is the perfect mixer for IPA, Rye or Porter beer Boilermakers.

Do you have a favourite Amber Glen Scotch Whisky Cocktail? Be sure to share your photos and recipes with us on social media…

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