Nosing Whisky

Nosing or Tasting Scotch whisky is an art form that anyone with a good sense of taste & smell can master.

To begin with, take a good long sniff of the back of your hand to clear the pathway of your olfactory sensors.  Then pour a wee drop of Amber Glen into your snifter or nosing glass. (Do Not Swill the whisky around the glass)

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Step 1.

Hold the glass by the bottom of the stem and hold it in front of you slightly above your head at a 45º angle and gently spin the glass. Note the viscosity of the oily tears that run gently down the back of the glass.

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Step 2.

SNIFF: Keep the glass perfectly flat and sniff 3 times at intervals of 3 to 5 seconds between each sniff.

Note the following:

  • 1st Sniff “The Nozzle” – a slight tingling sensation
  • 2nd Sniff “The Aroma” – Floral – Sweet – Smokey – Earthy – Woody
  • 3rd Sniff ” Flavour” – Vanilla – Butterscotch – Citrus fruit – Dried fruit – Raisins – Berries- Chocolate

The above are just some of smells and tastes that Amber Glen Scotch whisky embodies, your nose and palate may discover some others.

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Step 3.
SIP: Take a small sip, then Chew and Bite the whisky 3 times on each side and roof of your mouth, so that your whole palate salivates and gathers over the centre of your tongue, then slowly swallow down the whisky.

Note: Think about the aromas & flavours and the tingling warming sensation as you swallow down the whisky.

Amber Glen embodies the flavours and aromas of a time gone by in a celebration of perfection for you to enjoy

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